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August 2, 2013
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DD: Jasper Lindsey by Shyfe DD: Jasper Lindsey by Shyfe
:icondulcedomum: :iconimhappyplz:

:bulletyellow:Name: Jasper (Jazz) Lindsey

:bulletyellow:Gender: Male

:bulletyellow:Height/Weight: 5'10/ 155lbs

:bulletyellow:Age: 22

:bulletyellow:Birthday: June/21st/2010

:bulletyellow:Wizard Parent: Kaitlin Reeves, Born in 1987 (6th Generation)

Kaitlin has fond memories of growing up within a wizarding family, her mother was a simple wizard with a small earth spirit. Her childhood was a pleasant bliss<img src="…"> that thankfully never worsened when she herself never developed any skills for magic. Realizing that her life's path would lead her elsewhere, she turned her attention to starting a family of her own, and hoped to someday see magical elation upon her own children's faces.

Having grown up with a wizard for a mother, she knows quite well the dangers of the world, and so she
herself is quite cautious and protective of those she holds dear.

Spirit Information


[First Spirit]

Name: Fuge

Element: Light

Fuge can be described as a kindhearted spirit with a barbed heart of gold. He can come across as forward and he lacks tact in most delicate situations, but he will always be there for you.

He spent years curiously observing Jasper from a distant, and grew to respect him for his love and
appreciation of something he couldn't fully comprehend. Jasper can see light for light. In fact, it's the only thing he CAN see. Fuge loved that about Jasper as Fuge is not the mightiest of spirits and lacks the strength to manifest into a more solid form, Yet Jasper could always tell he was there, even if he didn't really know the gentle light source was a spirit.

Fuge felt like he finally found someone who he didn't have to hide behind illusions to be around and so made a pact with Jasper.

Fuge is incredibly protective of Jasper, and constantly watches his back while acting as his eyes.

Spell 1 [Defence]

Phantom Blindness: Fuge can create a brilliant flash of light that blinds anyone close enough to see it for a small period of time. When your vision comes back, you will be plagued with illusions of phantom like apparitions that vary in appearance depending on the person. At this level, the blindness and apparitions will fade within ten to fifteen minutes, giving Fuge and his allies plenty of time to flee to safety. He can only do it twice a day however and then requires some recharge time in the sun afterwards.

 Level 2: The Blindness will last for 15 minutes and the apparitions will last for ten minutes. The apparitions are much more solid in appearance. They vary depending on the person. Some people see nice things, some people see scary things.

Level 3: The Blindness can last for up to 30 minutes and the apparitions can last up to 30 minutes as well. They are completely believable illusions though they are still dependent on the viewer. Generally a person's mood dictates the kinds of things they will see.
Spell 2 [Enhancement] 

Shadow Eyes: Allows Jasper to "see" shadow spirits or tainted things. Like a heightened sense which more or less shows an absence of light to him. He is still blind though, and cannot make out really what he is looking at as they will always just look like shadows, but he can pick them out by looking at them. Because this skill is not really visual in nature, Jasper could see these things anywhere, including dark places.

Level 1: This skill is pretty overwhelming to him. It's difficult to come to terms with the fact that he's actually looking at something. Shadows or tainted things are like small smudges that he can barely focus or properly tell where they are as he has no sense of depth. Using this skill for long periods of time gives him a headache and makes him feel sick to his stomach.

Level 2: Jasper is more comfortable with this skill. Shadows and tainted things are bigger to his "eyes" and more solid then just a smudge and he has a better idea of the size of the thing he is sensing. He can more easily pin point where they are as well but it still gives him a headache and makes him feel nauseas. 

Level 3: Jasper can tell the size of the shadows or tainted thing he is looking at and can judge where they are in regards to distance. They still do not look anything like the things they are, but each Shadow and or tainted thing has a distinct "shape" that allowed Jasper to pick them out. It's still an odd skill for Jasper to use but it no longer gives him a headache. He's certainly not going to walk around using it all the time though. It's just too bizarre for him to fully comprehend that he's "looking" at something.

Personal Information

Jasper exudes a kindly quiet soul capable of a level of patience, rivalled only by saints. His nature is curious by default and due to that fact, he enjoys spending a lot of time learning about anything and everything. For obvious reasons, he's a great listener. If you're looking for a willing ear to hear your pleasures or woes, look no further, Jasper can and will sit with you for hours and can often pass on advice as he hears a lot of the things that people leave unsaid. Jasper is rather unremarkable at first glance. If not for for his blindness, he would blend entirely into a crowd. He is quiet, yet only in regard to volume and mannerisms. He is incredibly sociable and often is the one to “break the ice” during social gatherings.

Never assume that Jasper is incapable or handicapped. His blindness is as natural to him, as sight is natural to most people. He is more then capable of going about his day without aide or supervision. With that being said, however, he will graciously accept assistance that is offered to him, and he will seek out help without hesitation in times of need as the world is sight oriented and there are indeed some things that he cannot do on his own. He will never pretend otherwise. Often though, he suffers from guilt for he knows he can be a liability and does not wish to be a burden on the people around him. His quiet nature is mostly likely caused by these feelings.

He is very good at making jokes at his own expense and is also known for sometimes milking his blindness for all it's worth when the occasional person treats him like a cripple.

To Jasper, his history is rather bland however due to his situation, it wasn't exactly ordinary. He grew up in on a small acreage on the outside of Montreal and like most normal people, he went to school, but by the time he was fifteen he was pulled out of normal school and put into a special school for the visually impaired.

He had a close knit family life, everyone was always there for everyone else. His brother and sister
involved Jasper in everything that they did, and he returned the favour. You could say that he was rather
rambunctious with his siblings, often going out to do things people with his condition wouldn't normally do while always staying close to home. Though blind, he was well adapt at finding his way around, almost to a creepy level of degree. His parents, though loving, were overly protective of Jasper. Despite wanting desperately to let him grow and flourish on his own. They constantly, and foolishly, feared that his visual shortcomings would make him a liability to the family's secret, or even to himself. So they kept it secret from him, instead telling everything to his brother, whom they felt would be a more likely candidate to show signs of magical talent.

Perhaps it was because of how close everyone was at home that Jasper never came to realize there was a lot more to him then just being the blind member of the family. For it wasn't until his brother moved away to college and his little sister started school, leaving Jasper with a lot of alone time at home, that he realized he had a certain connection to things around him, mainly the light around him. He could feel it and sense it almost like it was a palpable substance around him. He soon took to keeping the lights turned on and made an effort to wake up early to be sitting outside when the sun came up. He couldn't explain why he did these things because he didn't think anyone would believe him so he chalked his strange behaviours up to missing his siblings and feeling lost with what to do with his own life.

Jasper's parents became concerned with their son, feeling like he was slipping into depression. They
regretted keeping him on such a short leash and felt that in doing so, they had kept him safe, but had also stifled any and all personal growth. They weren't really sure what to do with him now, or more so what to do FOR him. Luckily for them, that question was answered when Jasper showed them they had been horribly wrong to assume he wasn't going to posses any magical talent by making a pact with his first spirit.

With joy and a large portion of guilt, they explained everything they had ever kept from Jasper and were overjoyed when he decided to go to Dulcedomum to learn more about the wizarding world and further develop his new skills.

Misc Info:

-Moving the furniture without Jasper knowing is the worst practical joke you could play on him.

-He has an incredible memory and he uses it a lot to get around. It also allows him to play some board games.

-Being from Montreal he can speak French and English fluently. He has a slight French accent.

-He has a slight eating problem and often goes a long time between meals. He uses his fingers a lot when he eats and he doesn't want to offend people with his "bad table manners."

-He enjoys being outside, but he dislikes nature. It's just to big and full of things he can't comprehend.

-He doesn't always need his cane to get around. If he's with a group of people, he'll just follow them close. His cane is great for when he is out and about on his own. With that being said, he always has it with him. It can fold up so he can keep it in a bag.

-He wasn't born blind. In fact he has only been blind for the past five years. Yet, his eye sight was so
degenerative through his teens that when it finally faded completely, it wasn't such a huge loss. As is known to happen, when you've lost your vision, your visual memories fade, and Jasper has lost his. Though don't think him to be upset over it. It's just what it is.

-He's afraid of fire, or more so, getting burned by it. Especially on his hands. His hands are his eyes, and he would be devastated if anything happened to them.

-He knows how to play the piano, and is pretty decent at it. (his mother made him learn as an artistic

-Jasper has been known to play small pranks on people and he often gets away with them as the general
populace never seems to suspect him of anything devilish.

-pillows and soft plushy things
-Being active
-Reading and being read to

-Loud, obnoxious noises. Crying infants, vacuum cleaners, and large construction machinery that always seem to be in reverse are the bane of his existence.
-People touching or taking his cane without permission
-Ignorance and a lack of willingness to learn
-Strong odours. He has a sensitive nose
-A lack of organization
-People who leave “things” scattered all over the floor.
-The “things” messy people leave scattered. It makes the floor like a mine field!

:bulletyellow:Roleplay Paragraph Sample:
The screen door screeched on it's rusted, well used hinges as Jasper pushed it open and walked barefoot out onto front porch. The well weathered wood was still cool to the touch, not yet warmed up from the cool night temperatures. Jasper padded over to the chair he claimed as his own and eased himself down onto the soft plushy cushion. The air smelled fresh and hinted at the possibility of morning showers which Jasper knew the withering rose bush, four steps down in front of the deck would greatly appreciate it.

“Jazz?” He heard his mother call from the kitchen of the house, followed by the faint sound of her light steps as she walked through to the next room looking for him. “Jasper?”

“Out here, mom.” Jasper replied, rising his hand up to tap on the living room window that was directly
behind him.

His mother's steps changed course and soon the screeching of the door hinges announced her presence out onto the deck. “Here, I made you some coffee.” She placed the mug down onto the wide, table like arm of the chair where she always put it and Jasper could feel her watching him as he grabbed the mug's handle with practised fluidity and raised it to his lips.

“Thanks mom.” Jasper smiled, raising the mug in her direction before patting the arm of the empty chair beside him. “Want to watch the sunrise with me?” He asked, while taking another sip from his mug, relishing the smell and the warmth of the drink as it flowed over his tongue. His mom sure could make one heck of a cup of coffee.

Jasper could hear the smile in his mom's voice as she moved to sit down beside him. “I would love to.” Her small, soft hands, grabbed at his free one and together they sat enjoying each others company.

This was the best part of the day. The leaves of the poplar trees that surrounded the house sighed like
ocean waves lapping against the shore as a slight breeze blew through them. Somewhere off in the distance an owl hooted, most likely settling in to sleep. Everything was so peaceful. Even the noisy crickets found it within themselves pause to their noisy chirruping. Soon a gentle hush fell over the land, creating that marvellous moment in time when the world seemed to hold it's breath in preparation for the dawn.

Jasper knew the moment that the sun broke the edge of the horizon on it's ascent into the sky. He couldn't see the gleaming edges to the clouds, or the shimmering, molten glow of the far off fields aflame with the sun's light. He couldn't see the way the dark sky brightened causing the subdued colours of the land to become vibrant and alive. He couldn't see any of it, but he felt it. He could feel it with the same solidity that he could feel his mother holding his hand and a part of him felt like if he reached out, he could grab the sun right out of the sky and hold it. The warm rays of light enveloped him like a comforting blanket and sunk into his skin while feeding his soul with such vibrancy that no sight on earth could ever compare to it's splendour. It was all Jasper could do, to not burst from his seat and try and get closer to the light that he knew was a lot further away than just there beyond his reach, calling out to him.

His mother's hand squeezed Jasper's lightly, most likely feeling his sudden shift in mood, though mistaking it for something entirely different then the actual joy that he was feeling. “It's a beautiful sunrise.” She spoke softly.

Jasper sat back in his chair, unaware that he had leaned so far forward. He smiled over at his mom and
squeezed her hand back in gratitude to her words. “Thanks, mom. It really is.”
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I just read this and oh gosh Jasper *swoons*<3
Shyfe Sep 14, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Why thank you! <3 I am glad you like him!
Shyfe Sep 14, 2013  Professional Filmographer
hahaha why thank you! <3 I am glad you like him!
The markings are very clever, I would have never thought to put them on eyes. I enjoy how organic they are, rather then sharp and sleek like some of the other markings people use. You coloring job is stupendous, and I envy your shading skills! All in all, I love Jasper! He's just an all around awesome OC, I hope we can RP someday! 

Shyfe Sep 8, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Oh thank you! You know, it's kind of funny, but I wanted to do something sharp and sleek, but sharp and sleek is hard for me to design haha. Organic things are the easiest to draw. I also thought that because they are on his eyes, I should make them somewhat simple as I'll be drawing them a lot @-@ haha
Thank you so much for such a nice comment! I am glad you like him! And yes, we shall definitely RP!
Oh man I know what you mean. Even when I try doing geometrical designs they're still organic in some way or another. You just can't run from it it seems! Yeah, that was a smart move. Sometimes you want to make the most amazing design ever...and then you realise you have to draw it over and over and over again. 

No problem! I've been trying to work on making comments that have a little more depth to them when I can! Haha, hopefully I'll run into you in the chatroom one of these days. c:
Shyfe Sep 8, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Yeah I have been trying to do the same thing. It's nice getting a long in depth comment so I try to share the love :)
I know I'm a bit behind the bandwagon - but I wanted to let you know how much I absolutely love this. You've grown wonderfully with your artistic ability since I peeked at your stuff last (Ah, the early days at DR...). Which is a nice bonus! But what I really wanted to compliment you on is the character itself. I love that he has a handicap. It's simply a part of who he is and he lives with it. You use it as a focal point and a bond between Jasper and Fuge, but there's nothing traumatic or scaring about it. I love seeing an uplifting take on a serious condition.

sjhdfsd I don't mean to ramble. I just really love unique and well put together characters. And I just wanted to gush a bit. ♥;
Shyfe Sep 4, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Oh man this is the nicest comment ever! It really made my night! Thanks so much! It really means a lot QuQ
Blind characters are always my favourite, so I thought I would try my hand at one! I just find blindness the most fascinating thing ever! Hopefully I can play it well.

Thank youuUUuuuuu!
I dunno about the nicest ever. LOL But you're welcoooome. =u=b Good work deserves good praise! You've certainly earned it!
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